Thursday, June 5, 2014

Karis Scholarship

There is nothing better than knowing your grief and your loss are not in vain.  That the person you mourn still carries a legacy and is making a difference.  When you are reminded of that truth, it is a gift from God to hold and cherish.  This gift came to me during the ISI Awards night tonight. 

When Karis passed, we had people ask us if we had a memorial fund for her.  The thought hadn’t occurred to us, but the more people asked, we figured we should pray about what and where this money could go.  We have always wanted to start a scholarship fund for our ISI students who graduate highschool and go on to college.  They are in such need financially to make college happen, that we desperately want to help and encourage them in that process.  Kory had the idea of the Karis Scholarship. 

Now we have a fund that people have donated to that allows us to give each graduating ISI student $500 towards their first year of college.  This year we had two high school grads that are going to college next and it was our first year to award them with their scholarship.  As Kory awarded them with the scholarship, he explained that this was made possible by the donations made on behalf of our daughter.  I let that sink in.  Karis’s short life was enabling urban youth to go to college.  What a difference she made without even breathing earthly air.  That is how big God is.  That he can use lives that didn’t even make it out of their mama’s womb for his glory. That is a big God, and I am forever grateful to him that he uses my sweet daughter Karis for his kingdom purposes.

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